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You are right, you have to manage Argocd rbac somehow. Ldap integration allows argocd to check users and groups exist in your AD. Authorization part handled by rbac configuration. I prefer using App of Apps pattern. So I keep Argocd configuration, applications & application projects definition yaml files in git repo which also managed by Argocd. You can look at my another ArgoCD article about that https://medium.com/devopsturkiye/self-managed-argo-cd-app-of-everything-a226eb100cf0 .

Argo CD one of the most popular continues deployment tools used in Kubernetes. It is very simple to use and quite powerful. Personally, it is the first tool in my mind when I think of Kubernetes GitOps.

Argo CD has App of Apps pattern for cluster bootstrapping. That allows us programmatically and automatically create Argo CD apps instead of creating each application manually. Concept is simple; create one Argo CD application looking some git repo path and place all Argo CD application definition files into there. So that once any application definition file created on that git repo path, Argo…

Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. It’s very easy to install and use. So that it is so popular.

There are several options to install Argo CD. I prefer Helm Chart to install Argo CD because It is useful to make some modifications and also more suitable for on-prem environments.

If you have already installed Argo CD and you just need to configure it for LDAP authentication you can skip installation part below and go to configuration part directly.

1. Install Argo CD using Helm Chart

Argo CD Helm chart is a community maintained chart that can be found here.

To install…

VMware Tanzu Portfolio is basically a software collection to build, run and manage modern container applications. Tanzu Application Service (formerly PCF) and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (formerly PKS) are main solutions in Tanzu portfolio. In this article, we will discuss how we monitor these two platforms and applications on them and how it is automated.


Why should we monitor something? That is the key question. Monitoring is important because we want to be ensure that our applications and underlying infrastructures are up and running in a healthy state.

What should we monitor? That is the another key question. Answer of…

Starting an update or upgrade process in any VMware Tanzu Platforms that has Ops Manager is usually very easy. To achieve that you simply click “Apply Changes” button. But tracking progress of installation or getting notifications about state of installation is not easy as well.

In that purpose, we ‘ll setup a slack integration project. To achieve this, following tasks are explained in this arcticle.


  1. Get Slack App and Webhook URL
  2. Pull “VMware Tanzu (Pivotal) Installation Notifier” Repository
  3. Edit “tanzu.env” File Regarding Your Environment
  4. (Optional) Build “VMware Tanzu (Pivotal) Installation Notifier” Image
  5. (Optional) Edit “docker-compose.yaml”
  6. Run!


  1. Linux/Unix Terminal Server must…

Sometimes you may want to get update messages or notifications from your app or want to have a quick messaging with your team members. This article aims to create a Slack channel with capabilities of sending messages via simple HTTP calls.

You can have it by following instructions below.


  • Write a valid e-mail address and click “Confirm”.

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